Help Genocidal Islamic Attack Against Christians of Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood militia attacks the Copic Christian cathedral in Cairo during the funeral of the martyrs of yesterday ant-Christians genocide carnage of Khesous city .
before the funeral , the Cathedral was devoid of any unique single policeman , and that was the usual view of all of the Christian Churches in Egypt before the Islamic terror attacks immediately over it .
So after the congested tearing funeral of the Christian martyrs , Muslim Brotherhood arrived by motorcycles , every motorcycle carries two terrorist one of them drives and the other fires the Christian funeral participators with his machine gun , while terrorists were expelling bombs from the around ceilings .
now six extra Christian martyrs are dead and 600 are injured with gunshots .
surely Islamic Terror Attacks is not new for Copts (Native Egyptians Christians) But Now the Terrorists whom were Killing Copts while they were gangs , Now they are doing their habit while they are the Governors of Egypt and no one Could prosecute them , so in the past when they do a genocidal carnage in a Christian Church , they don't attack the funerals of martyrs

So Some one must Tell Muslim Brotherhood that they are mistaken when they think that they could still making genocidal carnage while they are the governors of Egypt as they were doing while they were gangs

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