An other Sad Day for Native Egyptians because of their Christian faith

إخوتى الأكارم
نجح محمد حسنى مبارك فى خداع العالم و اظهر نفسه بمظهر الحمل بينما هو و زبانيته مشاريخ الاسلام هم رأس الافعى و كان نجاح محمد حسنى مبارك و زعمه الكاذب نيته ملاحقة المحرضين فيما ان المحرضين على هذا العمل الانتحارى هم إعلاميي السلطة الحاكمة و صحفيو أمن الدولة و الحكومة و مشايخ المجلس الاعلى للبحوث الاسلامية
و لولا ان الجانى قد انتحر بحثا عن نكاح اللحور لاحاله حسنى مبارك للقضاء الشاخخ العادى بدلا من القضاء العسكرى الذى يحاكم فيه قتلة الوزراء و قتلة الاجانب و هناك فى القضاء الاسلامى الشاخخ سيحصل الجانى على البراءة مثلما حصل كل قتلة الاقباط على البراءة انطلاقا من مبدا لا يقتل مسلم بدم كافر
لذلك يا اخوتى اكسروا الخديعة و دعوا العالم يعرف الحقيقة
رجاء قوموا بنسخ المقالة الانجليزية التالية بالفأرة و اسلوها للعناوين البريدية الالكرتونية التى تحتها (بحيث ترسل رسالة واحدة لعنوان واحد فى كل مرة لأن عناوين البريد الالكرتونى للمشاهير مبرمجة على محو اى رسالة ترسل لاكثر من عنوان واحد فى ذات الوقت )
شاركوا فى كسر الخديعة و لو بإرسال رسالة واحدة فاليوم هؤلاء الشهداء الذين قُتلوا بسبب ايمانهم المسيحى و غدا سيكون القتلى هم انا و انت كل منا على بوابة كنيسته

Yesterday Saturday the first day of the Christian Year 2011 was one of the happiest days for Arabian-Muslim Egyptians

If I didn't listen for the news before I leave my house yesterday morning I might think that America was destroyed at neight by the most strongest Islamic terror nuclear explosion ; or some thing bad bloody was happened to any Christian nation

If I didn't listen for the news I meight fear for America the head of the Christian kingdom to death because I know Arabian-Muslim Egyptians very much So I know well what is the only thing that make them all happy to the top

A Muslim guy has bombed him self within the Native Egyptians worshiper At St. George & St. peter Christian Church at Sidibeshr quarter At Alexandria City Egypt , one hundred and thirty of the Christian Native Egyptians worshipers (COPTS) were Killed and wounded Just Because their Christian faith
The Arabian-Muslim Police officer whom alleged togard that christian Church was laughing while he and his soldiers kicking the died Christians bodies fragments , they were calling the did Native Egyptians Christian died Worshipers : " The Died Dogs "

One Arabian-Muslim Egyptian told his Companion loudly " praised be ALLAH ; praised be Mohammed ; Just one Muslim guy has pleased all of the Muslim World " .
the other Arabian-Muslim Egyptian replied :" that is the word of Koran that one Muslim guy could Kill hundred of Non-Muslims "
A third Arabian-Muslim Egyptian added mocked saying " Give me a gun to to revenge Jesus The Christ worshipers on Mohammed's warriors" then both of the three Arabian-Muslim Egyptian sink in a deep long rejoicing laugh

I didn't see Arabian-Muslim Egyptians Happy like that since afternoon of Tuesday September 11 - 2001 when the red fruits syrup cups were being distributed for free out of every Muslim mosque in Egypt and within every Arabian-Muslim Egyptian House in Egypt and within every work abode in Egypt and every where in Egypt
that afternoon they though that the Christian Kingdom was going to be vanished very much soon because the head of Jesus the Christ Kingdom (USA) was Vanishing that moment as they spiteful Muslim evil minds told them
they kept screaming :"ALLAH .. AKBAR .. Muhammed .. Black Stone .. Ka'ba" till night when president Bush appeared safe on TV and he announced the great crusade against terror of Islam l announced the every one harbors terrorism will be punished as a terrorist ; every one eulogizes terrorism will be punished as a terrorist ; every one supports terrorism will be punished as a terrorist ; every one rationalizes terrorism will be punished as a terrorist
just a bit of second then all Arabian-Muslim Egyptians reversed their attitude the the red fruits syrup cups were disappeared away from mosques ; the Islamic Talibanic Regime of Mohammed Housny Moubarak thinkers appeared on TV to deny that Arabian-Muslim Egyptians are the human suicidal Bombers whom raided America that day !! one of those thinkers ("Mohammed Elmoslimany" whom became a close friend of Mr Barack Husien Obama Muslim Family years after that then Mr Obama organized a close meeting with him in Egypt when he visited Egypt ) Asked Arabian-Muslim Egyptians newspaper To work hard on lying to deceive Christian Americans to prevent them to understand that Arabian-Muslim Egyptians are September 11 felons and make them think that Israeli persons or Serbians Persons or Russian persons are the real felons ; He said the every Non-Muslim man on earth must be the felon but not any Muslim
he said that prophet Mohammed and ALLAH need their lies to keep the rate of converting to Islam from Christianity in America very high !!
After the TV lecture the Arabian-Muslim Egyptians started to hide their rejoicing then they pretended to condemn that Islamic Crime against America , they started to allege that the victims of the twin towers were all Muslims and all the Jewish workers on the twin towers were absent that day So It I a Jewish Crime against poor peaceful Muslims ??? and that became the official story of the Egyptian Islamic Talibanic Regime of Mohammed Housny Moubarak .

that logic Is not invented by this Islamic thinker but it is a practical reformation of Takeya Islamic Duty which depends on that lying is the Best Virtue of Islam religion if it hides a defect of Islam religion and Muslims or it fastens a defect on other religions ant its worshipers

Alexandria City was Known as touristic City that Persecuted Native Egyptian Christian Minority (COPTS) resort to it to escape from the terror of Arabian-Islamic Egyptians Majority and the Islamic Talibanic Egyptian regime persecution
and it was known as the place where the Christian foreigner Could live beside a native Egyptian Christian (COPT) good neighbor whom the Christian foreigner Could find safe neighborhood with

But years ago the Egyptian the Talibanic Islamic Regime which governs Egypt worked on Converting Alexandria from a touristic semi-Christian Community to a New Afghanistan on the beach of the Mediterranean sea !!!

So It became very usual to hear about an Islamic terror raid against a Christian Church
Alexandria Islamic extremist mayor : General Adel Labeeb was chosen by the president of the Islamic Talibanic Regime Muhammed Hosny Moubarak To Apply these racial politics
So He gained a huge popularity between Arabian-Muslim Egyptians of Alexandria , so they call him the Church's destroyer Because of the number of Churchs which he razes every year with pretext of city development or with pretext of lost presidential permission of the Christian Church

General Adel Labeeb the extremist Islamic mayor of Alexandria City Converted Alexandria Mayor Abode and Alexandria local parliament abode to a former hall for the most extremist Islamic Anti-Christianity Imams to blaspheme Jesus the Christ and Bible and lecture Christians to convert to Islam the Official religion of Egyptian Arabian Government

some months ago "Al Shoroke" newspaper which is alleged that it is a private newspaper but in fact it is a governmental newspaper owned by Egyptian intelligence ; Published a false news about the Egyptian army which detained a Coptic warship while it was transporting Israeli heavy military weapons to be hidden under the Christian Church of Native Egyptian whom they will use to Kill Poor peaceful kind Arabian-Muslim Egyptians !!!!
It is well known the POP Shenouda the third the head of Christian church of Native Egyptians (COPTS) has a historical negative attitude against Israel to protect Native Egyptians (COPTS) of being accused with false state treason when the Egyptian Regime cancels the peace agreement between Egypt & Israel But the Islamic Talibanic regime of Egypt feel bad about that attitude because it deprived the regime to find a non religious pretext to execute numbers of Native Egyptians

So the regime fabricated that false news to restore its opportunity of executing some Native Egyptians when it cancels the peace agreement with Israel So the regime used its power to prevent the authority official denial to be published any where if Whether at the clear governmental newspapers or at the newspapers which they allege private but in fact are owned by the regime intelligence

President Muhammed Hosny Moubarak whom appears for western governments as a friend of west in fact he is the ruler of Al Qayeda Islamic Troops because Al Qayeda Islamic troops take its Islamic guidance from the member of the Egyptian presidential higher counsel of Islamic searches Like Imam: Muhammed Salim Al Awa ; Imam: Muhammed Imara ; Imam: Zaghlool Al Najar and Others
all of them have double positions ; by being a part of a regime alleged as a friend of west and being one of Al Qayeda Islamic Troops Guides

So when the three Imams of presidential higher counsel of Islamic searches which is a clear part of the presidential foundation in Egypt Started to lead daily riot demonstrations from some Governmental Mosques in Cairo and Alexandria insulting pop Shenouda the third and threatening Native Egyptian (COPTS) that they will slaughter them on their Christian Churches gates ...The police helped that Islamic Arabian daily riot demonstrations because it was clear for the that the president is beyond that movement against Native Egyptian (COPTS)

the Big Clear evidence that president Muhammed Hosny Moubarak is the real leader of Al Qayeda Islamic troops via his presidential higher counsel of Islamic searches
that Al Qayeda declared within its declaration after its raid against native Iraqis (Assyrians) within their Christian Church in Baghdad when they Killed 52 Christian worshiper that they did that to enrage pop Shenouda the third the head of native Egyptians Christian Church in Egypt then they threatened pop Shenouda the third that their are millions of Christians not only in Iraq but also in Lebanon and Egypt and they will be killed also and they take the fabricated news against Native Egyptians which the members of the Egyptian presidential higher counsel of Islamic searches shout with at their daily riot demonstrations from the Governmental Islamic Mosques in Cairo and Alexandria

after Al Qayeda Islamic Troops declaration the Egyptian Minister of the Interior : General Habib Al Adly mocked on the declaration , and he not only ignored the threatens but also he sent his forces to fire the worshipers within st. mary Christian Church in Omraneya quarter Aljeza city at Angel Michael feast holy mass , He alleged that he did that because the Church hasn't the right presidential permission

So if the Egyptian security forces were killing worshipers within their Christian Churches so will them defend the same worshipers against Al Qayeda raids .. So the police officer after the suicidal raid against st. George and st. peter Christian Church of Alexandria called the Died Christian Bodies : Dogs then kicked them

So when President Muhammed Hosny Moubarak appeared on TV he didn't apologize for the Islamic Raid against Christian Worshipers At a Christian Church in a Christian feast but he alleged that the raiders aimed to kill Muslims so they made their raid on a day the Muslims celebrate it ??
although Friday prayer speech within all the governmental Islamic Mosques in Egypt was about that ALLAH And Prophet Muhammed prohibited celebrations of any day except ADHA Islamic feast and FITR Islamic Feast and they (ALLAH and Muhammed) prohibited even congratulating Christians of their feast and they (ALLAH and Muhammed) considers the Christians prayers as Affront for ALLAH So Muslims must Stop his ALLAH's affront by his hands strength or his tongue or by his heart hatred if his Islamic Faith was very weak

So president Muhammed Hosny Moubarak only wanted to deceive western by his TV speech only wanted to discharge the Islam Religion to keep the rate of converting western people to that religion ; so Muhammed Hosny Moubarak Only wanted to let the real leaders of the Islamic raid the members of his presidential higher counsel for Islamic searches escape away of conviction

I think president Moubarak succeeded to deceive free World when President Obama offered Moubarak more American aids instead of his duty to stop that all of the aids to that Talibanic racial regime

Now we adjure average people of free world to stop tourism to Egypt . Egypt is not a safe place it is the most dangerous place for any Christian and the Egyptian Talibanic regime of Muhammed Hosny Moubarak depends on tourism profit to finance mosques building in all of the western Christian cities to finance converting more Christians all over western world to Islam to finance not only killing Native Egyptians because of their Christian faith but Killing Christians all over the world using Al Qayeda troops

let us say together

عناوين الإرسال

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