The Egyptian Army raided a new genocide Attack against Christian Egyptian in Shobra square during Clinton's Vist to Egypt

Now and During Mrs Hillary Clinton's Visit To Support the Racial Islamic Genocide angainst Christian Egyptians Regime of Field marshal Tantaway
Field marshal Tantaway Ordered the Egyptian Army Tanks fixed Heavy machine guns (wich are made in America and presented to that Islamic Terrorism Army for free) to Assassinate Native Egyptian in Shobra Square Cairo City because of their Christian Faith
No the Christian tax payer of america is financing Genocide massacres against their brothers and sisters in Cairo City a few meters away of the American embassy in Cairo - Egypt
Every bullet shoting is happening in the presence of the American Minister of Foreign Affairs whom is Now in Egypt to introduce a big gnaw from toil of the Christian American Tax payer
since ten days a Christian Church was destroyed by Arabian Muslims hand hatchets for twenty two hours under the eye witnessing of the Egyptian Army tanks without any action

the Muslim destroyers were very happy because of the Egyptian Islamic Army cooperation they wer singing :"the Army and the people are one hand " during they were destroying the Church under the Eye witnessing og the Egyptian Army tanks at Sual village Giza Province

the Egyptian midea wich are totally controled by Islamists didn't cover the Crime and the Egyptian Army didn't react about the Crime wich was followed by genocidal race driving away against Christians out that village

The driven away Christians were seven thousands families ?

The driven away Christian families convened in front of Egyptian Governmental television building to protest against both of the Egyptian media which usually ignores the Massacres Against Native Egyptians because of their Christian Faith and the Egyptian Islamic Army which is oppressing Native Egyptians violently because of their Christian faith since it seized the throne of Egypt form president Mohammed Hosny Moubarak under the blessing of Mr Barack Husein Obama
the next day Some thousands of very poor Christian garbage collectors whose were made more poor by former president Mohammed Hosny Moubarak whom seized their pigs last year and buried them within deep holes coated with caustic lime because former president thought that pigs are disguised human Jews ?? were pending to Come to Support their brothers and sisters The driven away Christians seven thousands families in front of the Egyptian television building

But Field Marshal Tantaway Ordered the Egyptian Army Tanks to Kill the fomer pigs owners after the former president Mohamed Hosny Moubarak Killed theior pigs ?
Field Marshal Tantay told his Egyptian Army tanks crews that If we the Arabian Muslim Egyptian left Native Egyptians Christian garbage collectors to feel and act as human being we the Islamic Army officers will lose the throne of Egypt

the Egyptian Army tanks wented to the Christian garbage collectors square (ZABALEEN) and fired the protesters Christian garbage collectors with its fixed Heavy machine guns
thirteen Christian garbage collectors were assassinated and a hundred were injured hazardously

after tow days the Egyptian media alleged that some foreign hands od America and Israel Killed those Christian garbage collectors to deform the image of Islam but the medical reports about the assassinated garbage collectors emphasized that all of the bullets which were in their flesh the label of the Egyptian Army were engraved on and the bullet were made specially for some rare kind of heavy fixed machine guns wich don't exist in Egypt except on the Egyptian Army tanks ??

the Racial Victory of the Egyptian Army against some unarmed Christian garbage collectors encouraged the Army for more Christian Blood so Afted nine days of the driven away Christians seven thousands families whose convened in front of Egyptian telivision building , the Egyptian Army raided the sit-in before yesterday dawn while the Agyptian Army soldiers were Screaming ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR NO God Except for ALLAH

the Egyptian Army raided the sit-in while the Christian wemen and Children were sleeping within tents because it was very cold So the Egyptian Army soldiers burnt the tents with their flamethrowers then they drove Native Egyptian Christians for Kilometers choking them with their Electric Guns ???

so when the seven thousands Christian families re-convened in Shobra because it is the nearest Christian square and decided to return back to the Egyptian television building trying to meet the American Minister of Foreign Affairs to welcome her . But the Egyptian Army wich is being financed by united states of America tax payers don't want to let any non-Muslim alive

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