Field marshal Tantaway refused to release a nun but he released those whom killed Egyptian president

Egyptian Army has decided to release the Islamic Terrorists Aboud Al Zoumour and Tariq Al Zoumour whose had Killed the Ex-President of Egypt Mohammed Anwar Elsadate

the two terrorists were convicted to be prisoned for long life for killing an Egyptian president but when the Islamist Field marshal Husein Tantaway arrived to Egypt Throne he decided to release them

the Ex-president Mohammed Anwar El Sadate was a very extremist Islamist he Was an effective member on ISlamic Brothehood terroristic Troop , when he was 22 years old he was Convicted with sentenced to death for Killing the Egyptian Finance Minister because he said that Egypt must still a friend for western Countries ?
when Mohammed Anwar El Sadate arrived Egypt throne he added an article to the constitution to limit Presidential perids by two periods . he enabled Islamists to control the whole Country , he depended on Islamists to establish his authority according to an arrangement with Islamists to finish converting Egypt to an Islamic theocratic extremist Country during his two presidential periods then he leave Egypt throne for them alone But after his two periods ware finished , he refused to leave Egypt throne , he re-modified the constitution to cancel the presidential periods limitation
He complimented his alliances the Islamists by adding a new article to the constitution express that Islamic shari'a laws is the source of legislation !!! Sadate encouraged his Islamists to raid bloody genocide against meek Native Egyptians the Christian Minority of Egypt without any punishment
Sadate said his famous say that genocide against Native Egyptians is a political activity so the authority mustn't face it with police activity but with political activity !!!
thousands of Native Egyptians were killed that time but that didn't satisfy their blood gluttony So The two Islamists extremists of today Aboud Al Zoumour and Tariq Al Zoumour assassinated him at six of October 1981
Mohammed Anwar El Sadate were a dirty Terrorist Killed by two Terrorists like him
Mohammed Hosny Moubarak kept refusing to release those terrorists for his thirty years presidential
But no one could imagine that Field marshal Husein Tantaway decided Now to release them , they are two Islamists like those whose are supporting Field marshal Husein Tantaway extremist regime , they are sincere to Islam , so they must be released

But while Field marshal Tantaway is releasing every Islamic Terrorist in Egyptian prisons he refuses to release one female young Christian nun was convicted to be a prisoner fo ten years because she helped a Native Egyptian Christian Family to
adopt a Christian Native Egyptian
orphan !! Because Islam Religion bans adoption except if adoption is adopting adult man by sucking the breast of the adopter wife ???

finaly that is the regime which Barack Husein Obama helped to
obsess Egypt's throne instead of Hosny Moubarak and he is working now to enable a similar regime to obsess Libya's throne but I think he will fail because the Libyan Army didn't betray Libyan president