ساعدنا و ارسل هذه الرسالة الى العناوين اسفلها


The Egyptian Armed Forces Now Are Applying a snare for Copts demonstrators Against Christian Churches destroying campaign by the alliance between the Egyptian Armed forces and Islamic radical Jihad Troops
The Egyptian Armed forces Tanks opened the way to Maspiro square - Cairo City ..then they closed the cage and let Copts demonstrators be prisoners
Then Very Fast battleships (made in USA and financed by USA aids) are hasting within the cage over Copts demonstrators bodies
Now The square officers news that Field Marshal TANTAWAY ordered the Egyptian Armed forces to Kill any Copt tries to express any opinion about refusing Egyptian Army Christian Churches destroying campaign even they had to to a big genocide against Copts across the streets
Egyptian Armed Forces Understand USA aids as it is a permission for Killing Christians in Egypt and destroying Churches in Egypt

Now more than sixty Christian demonstrators are killed Under the wheels of Egyptian armen forces tanks one of them is the camera man of "The Way Christian TV Channel "

. the Egyptian Armed forces soldiers whom destroyed intensionally the Israeli embassy in Cairo weeks ago were screaming ALLAH AKBAR AALAH AKBAR while they were smashing Christian demonstrators with tanks today???? ٍ
during the Islamic Egyptian Armed forces Genocide against Christian demonstrators Some soldiers were screaming :"You Christians whom worship a piece of wood (they meant the Holy Cross) We Are Ordered to Kill every one of You To verify that The piece of Wood shall not save You ??

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General Ismaeel Osman the Propaganda chief Of Egyptian Army Declared that the Egyptian Army didn't fire the Civilian Christian Demonstrators Because the Army Bullets stock were run out during the Army trainings So the fire shooting Sounds which were heard were hysterical illusion ! otherwise the Videos Of International TV channels which shows the Egyptian Army American Tanks smashing the Christian demonstrators intentionally were forged by Adobe Photoshop Program !! The thirty six dead Christian demonstrators died because of electricity shock on the street asphalt ..The medical reports which showed that they were died because of Tanks intentional smashing are due to an international crusade-zionic collusion