Muslim Brotherhood the very best friend of USA Helps and harbors USA frist enemy

according to the official Facebook page of the Egyptian intelligence fugitive officer , Colonel : Omar Affifi , The Egyptian Islamic Terrorist Sheikh :- Ayman Al-Zawahery was on the Egyptian presidential Pirplane on the adjacent sit of president Moiursi's sit , and that was the reason which made Marshal Al-Sisi refuses to ride the presidential airplane back to Egypt and he rode a special plane .
the original text ot Colonel:Omar Affifi 's post was :-
According to a very trust-able intelligence source , the Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahery has returned back to Egypt by the presidential airplane of president Moursi , and that the presidential visit to Pakistan was originally a security cover for this mission under assigning of the Moursi's masters in international intelligences which Helped Muslim brotherhood to capture the president sit in Egypt , to enable the American Army to secure fghanistan before departing it .
the Egyptian intelligence source emphasized that Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahery had slept for a Complete day in the presidential airplane while President Moursi was in a camouflage Visit to India
the Egyptian intelligence source emphasized that this was the reason of what made Marshal Al-Sisi refused to complete the flight to Egypt by the Presidential plane and rode a special plane .
It is for sure that you will hear the always refusal symphony of Muslim brotherhood but that the fact which the coming days will evidence it

Colonel Affifi

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