Breaking News | Islamic State Army has Kidnapped new 46 Christian Egyptians because of their Christian faith while the Egyptian regime ignores

Islamic State Army declares kidnapping of 46 Native Egyptians Because Of Their Christian Faith , While Egyptian Regime ignores the whole Issue Because the Kidnapped Egyptians are Native Egyptians and Not of the Arabian Muslim Majority
while the same regime had negotiated Islamic State Army in Every Kidnapping of Arabian Muslim Egyptians and released many Islamic Terrorists Convicted in severe terrorism crimes in Egypt to release the Kidnapped Arabian Muslim Egyptian although the Regime knows that Islamic State will not Kill them because they are Muslims while the Islamic blood is Hiram In Islam Religion
It is predicted strongly that Islamic State Army will give the kidnapped native Egyptians the Choice to convert to Islam religion to keep their lives or they will be slaughtered by the swords of Allah The God Of Islam the Official religion of the Egyptian regime in a usual executing of Quran arbitration of slaughtering the Christians and Jews till they convert to Islam religion
It is to say that Islamic State had slaughtered 21 Native Egyptians (Copts) Because of their Christian Faith and the Egyptian regime Ignored the whole issue for 3 months of the kidnapping till the Islamic State Slaughtered them then the Egyptian Regime and Egyptian Media worked hard to deny that Muslims had slaughtered them because of their Christian faith they alleged that The Christian Country United State Of America is the fabricator of Islamic State which its members are Christian Americans and they had Slaughtered Native Egyptians because of their Christian faith to embrace Islam religion Image in Western Countries to stop Islam religion spreading in west .
The Egyptian regime alleged that the evidences of its alleges is the high technology of the Slaughtering video while Muslims don't understand technology

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