Egyptian Police forces Starts Easter campaign against Christians by arresting a Christian teacher

After the inspection Campaign in Copts' houses , Computer sets and mobile phones (Copts are Native Egyptian Christian Minority in Egypt) By the Arabian Majority Egyptian Police forces At EL-Menia provice _ Egypt El-Nasereya Village Bany-Mazar Countrycide on the occasion of Christian Easter day , The Arabian Majority Egyptian Police forces arrested a Coptic (one of Native Egyptian minority Citizen) English language teacher because the Arabian Majority Egyptian Police forces had found a twenty seconds length Video for A Christian Prayer on his mobile Phone memory .

The Arabian Majority Egyptian Police forces Considered the Christian tiny short Video is an Islam affronting video .

General Mohammed Sadek El-Helbawy , the Police Commander of El-Menia Province in Egypt Considered the Christian prayer Video of twenty Seconds length as an immoral Video .

Usually when The Arabian Majority Egyptian Police forces disable to consider the Christian prayers as an Islam affronting Criminal action they usually consider them as Immoral acts.

The Coptic teacher Felon said that there was a religious trip To Christian seeings for the Christian students of his school on the occasion of Easter and they had prayed So after the trip he used the bluetooth to send them the memory tiny short video .

General Mohammed Sadek El-Helbawy , the Police Commander of El-Menia Province _ Egypt Said that he after the succeeded campaign and the big fishing he had sent huge police forces to El-Nasseryah Village to stand between Arabian Muslim majority massed angry legions whom may raid against Native Egyptian Christian Church , houses and workshops .

It is to say that General Mohammed Sadek El-Helbawy is the young brother of the Islamic Terrorism Old leader Kamal El-Helbawy of the international Islamic Terrorism organization Muslim Brotherhood of the Egyptian Government meek Sector .

El-Menia province has the biggest Native Egyptian Minority inhabitancy in Egypt , So it has the biggest number of genocidal attacks against Native Egyptian Minority because of their Christian faith either , those genocidal attacks usually happens by the Egyptian Arabian majority police forces some times and some times by the Islamic Troops .

Native Egyptian are very humble persecuted minority pending on the fire line between the Arabian majority police forces and their Enemy the Islamic Armed Troops , so both of two enemies contend each other on making continuous genocidal attacks against Native Egyptians because of their Christian faith

It is to say that in Egypt and since Arabian spring , The police forces used to arrest Christians in Egypt specially Christian teachers and students every Christian fist under accusations of affronting Islam Religion says in their schools or on Facebook or twitter
More than a hundred Christian Minority Citizens in Egypt are in Jail because of similar without any evidences accusations like making a Facebook "Like" Sign on a an affronting Islam Facebook Video or Retweeting an affronting Islam twitter post , one Christian girl teacher from Luxor called Demyana Obeid had been convicted to Jail without any evidences because some Muslims alleged that She had put her hand on her nick while she was reading the history lesson for her pupils which Contains the name of Prophet of Islam ??
More than ten Christian preachers and activists were convicted of death arbitration because some Muslims alleged without any evidences that they have a relation with the American Youtube Movie Innocence of Muslims which was called in Egypt the anti Islam Movie ?

Egyptian affairs experts Say that while Native Egyptian Christian Minority usually support every Egyptian government because they are always afraid more from the Government Enemy Islamic Troops and their Terrorism , Egyptian governments does not give Native Egyptians Christian Minority any mercy but doing these persecuting arbitration against Native Egyptian Christian Minority to make the Arabian Muslim majority satisfied