In Egypt , 5 years in jail for a Christian Journalist Because of his Christian faith

Middle East News Agency

translated by Persecuted Screams Magazine

An Egyptian felony court has arbitrated a Converted to Christianity young journalist 5 years in jail

El Menia felony court has arbitrated a young Christian Journalist correspondent of an American TV station 5 years in jail and a forfeit of 500 Pound Because of the suspicion of discord materials within his Camera ! The materials makes any unaware man watch it be convinced that Christians of Egypt are in persecution by Arabian Muslim Dominating majority

the felony began at December 2013 when Islamic troops were burning Churches and Christians houses after the dismissal of ex president Moursy , the police forces arrested the Egyptian Christian youth Beshoy .A.B (from Port Said City) while he was recording with his video Camera the Arabian Muslims while they were burning Churches and Christians houses and slaughtering Christians . the police found a Video Camera and 4 Flash data traveler with that Christian youth , the police suspected that while he is a Christian Egyptian and he is Corresponding for an American TV Channel recording aggressions against Christians of Egypt So he is a discord rumors spreader .
So They restrained him , then after months of restraining they referred him to El-Menia felony Court with occasions of Working as a Journalist without a permission and spreading rumors about the alleged persecution against Christians of Egypt .
the Police sent an investigation file to the court Uncovering that Beshoy.A.B is not his real name But his name is Mohammed Hejazy El-Sayed , and He Is not a Copt Christian (A Note By The Translator:-Copts are the native Egyptians and they are the Christian persecuted minority of Egypt) But he is an Arabian Egyptian Converted to Christianity and he is a spiteful .
the investigation file uncovered that The American Tv Station which Mohammed Hejazy El-Sayed Corresponding it is a suspicious Tv Station It is owned By An American Copt of Egyptian Copt Race and the Station is used to introduce an incorrect image about Egypt alleging that the Arabian Muslim majority whether they were Muslim Brotherhood of Al Qayeda or Army Supporters all of them persecute the native Egyptians because of their Christian Religion , and sure that is an incorrect image
An other note by the translator :- It is important to say that the Case and the news about retention then adjudicating the Christian youth journalist Beshoy A . B. (Mohammed Hejazy El-Sayed) were intentionally ignored By all of the local media and press and human rights organizations because of his Christian faith , then the international media and press and human rights organizations ignored Beshoy's grievance Because they depend on Arabian Muslim racial local correspondents and they put all of they attentions on Al Jazira's Islamic Fundamentalists Journalists whom are supporting Islamic Troops which are in a war against Egyptian Army for the power and wealth of Egypt , So No honest friends for Copts and Converted to Christianity prisoners in Egypt .

لو تحب العالم يعرف بهذه المأساة و تكسر حاجز التعتيم عليها انقل بالنسخ بفأرتك الاخبارية المدونة عاليه بالانجليزية و ارسلها ببريدك الالكترونى لعناوين منظمات حقوق الانسان و حقوق الصحفيين التالية
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